ISBC Portfolio of Products

The product list – Consulting and Deliver Services

NICE DCV / EnginFrame ViewRemote 2D , 3D RnD Cloud Solution.
GNOME3 OpenGL , DX11 Accel , Job Submit Web Portal
Support Integration with Slurm or LSF Scheduler, Also
do not need DRM solution.
File System / Whamcloud Lustre for HPC, AIHigh Performance File System Solution
Support Old and New Storage or Mixed Storage HW
File System / Spectrum Scale(GPFS)IBM Spectrum Scale – GPFS
Appliance or Software Product
Scheduler / SlurmOpenSource Resource Management Solution
Support GPU / CPU for Linux HPC, AI
Feature – Included Accounting Function
Scheduler / Spectrum LSFIBM Spectrum LSF Scheduler for HPC
Intel Cluster Software and composerHigh Performance Compiler and MPI Stack
Grafana Enterprise – GPU MonitorAI Infra real-time GPU Monitoring Solution
Life Science / ParabricksHigh Performance GENOME analysis Solution
GPGPU base computing / Ubuntu Container Base
Software Define Server / ScaleMPCreate Single server with Multi x64 Server for running
Huge SMP base Software
Intel IMDTIntel IMDT Memory Extension Solution with Optane
NVME Drive. Memory + Optane = Linux Free Memory.
OpenITPrimary tool for software usage metering, analysis, and
optimization for all business and technical applications
to help companies optimize cost and increase productivity.

Introduce Product Use Cases

NICE DCV / EnginFrame – RnD Cloud – Data Protect Environment

High Performance File System for HPC and AI Deep Learning Infrastructure

GPGPU Base Deep Learning / Standard HPC Infrastructure / SLURM / LSF

Real Time GPGPU Resource Monitoring