ISBC Portfolio of Products

The product list – Consulting and Deliver Services

NICE DCV / EnginFrame ViewRemote 2D , 3D Engineering Cloud
GNOME3 OpenGL , DX11 Accel , Job Submit Web Portal
Support Integration with Slurm or LSF Scheduler
File System / Whamcloud Lustre for HPC, AIHigh Performance File System Solution
Support Old and New Storage or Mixed Storage HW
File System / Spectrum Scale(GPFS)IBM Spectrum Scale – GPFS
Appliance or Software Product
Scheduler / SlurmOpenSource Resource Management Solution
Support GPU / CPU for Linux HPC, AI
Feature – Included Accounting Function
Scheduler / Spectrum LSFIBM Spectrum LSF Scheduler for HPC
Intel Cluster Software and composerHigh Performance Compiler and MPI Stack
Grafana Enterprise – GPU MonitorAI Infra real-time GPU Monitoring Solution
Life Science / ParabricksHigh Performance GENOME analysis Solution
GPGPU base computing / Ubuntu Container Base
Software Define Server / ScaleMPCreate Single server with Multi x64 Server for running
Huge SMP base Software
Intel IMDTIntel IMDT Memory Extension Solution with Optane NVME

Introduce Product Use Cases

NICE DCV / EnginFrame – RnD Cloud – Data Protect Environment

High Performance File System for HPC and AI Deep Learning Infrastructure

GPGPU Base Deep Learning / Standard HPC Infrastructure / SLURM / LSF

Real Time GPGPU Resource Monitoring