2020-06 BigData and RnD ISP

This month ISBC join one of member for Information Strategy Planning(ISP) for consulting service. Then, We are consulting Big Data / Machine learning (K8S) / RnD Service Infra and Storage with Network Design. That is very good experience for future IT of Big Data Strategy for Customer.

2020-05 Open New ISBC Office

This month ISBC has moved new office. This office will be use training center and solution demo center for customer. There is nice view and near sub-way system. and a lot of nice restaurant. Also, Complete reorganization Internal ISBC demo system. And ready GPGPU Computing for various solution demo.

2020-04 Consulting ML/DL K8S

This month we are consulting ML/DL with K8S. We are test anaconda, ibm lsf, gpgpu clustering and resource management env for AI env. Also, we are deliver a lot of python based machine learning package. Last thing we are success Jupyter notebook integration with IBM LSF App center.

2020-03 Deliver RnD Cloud

Today, We are complete deliver RnD Cloud for major SUV maker. They are use NICE-DCV with Slurm Scheduler for running CAE solution. It is based Full SSD base Storage for high performance and Scratch workload. Enginframe fully integrated with Slurm for Job Status monitoring.