2017-12 Deliver IEEL Product

For Cancer research group, ISBC was start setup this solution. Will complete until mid of jan 2018. After complete this file system service. Customer will access more high speed file IO service. We Will use IEEL 4020 with CentOS7.4

2017-11 IEEL Education.

End of this month, ISBC deliver IEEL education for Customer and Partner. At this time, ISBC was preparing IEEL v4.x based demo code. This version have DNE2 and project quota.

2016-11 Deliver IEEL with OpenZFS

The customer name is Samsung SAIT. They will use high performance archive file system. and need many billions of files on single file system. It is meaningful high density storage box for customer.

2016-10 Deliver IEEL in GOV area

The Customer is CDC. ISBC deliver IEEL for more high performance scratch IO than previous used file system. It is configured with Object IO uses 2 Storage controller design.

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