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2020-02 Verify High Perf Lustre

Recently, We are start Enterprise Lustre Solution for Pre-Test and Verification before production service. Focus Stable verify with any failure point with fence of HA module and check stable for file compatibility.

2019-12 FS Migration Workshop.

One of major research customer in GOV sector. They want to migration huge amount of file systems. To migration single volume with used little bit hardware upgrade. We will deliver High performance file system migration. Actual project will complete next year 1Q.

2019-09 Success update Ent. Lustre

This customer one of famous MOVIE Maker, Over 700Nodes computing resource access this file system. This month, we are success IML -> IML and enable All of quota feature. This is more stable than based on RHEL/CentOS7.3. Base operating system has been updated RHEL/CentOS7.6. Also All of computing nodes are update lustre client side as 2.10.8.

2019-07 success upgrade Ent. Lustre

One of Major CAE customer, has long history. They are used ieel v2.0.1.2 , 5 Years ago. This is require 3~4 step of upgrade procedure, And final step is all of lustre nodes are need clean install for upgrade. Finally, We are success upgrade and migration to latest version. this customer has over 500 Nodes.