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2019-06 Deliver Enterprise Lustre.

This month, We are complete consulting and installation for Media company. This is 1PB file system and Windows AD integration. And Used many feature for customer’s project. It is just 8U storage hardware.

2019-03 File System HA PoC

This month, we are consulting, 2 kinds of high performance storage HA feature test. Both of file system have small limitation about what is customer want. But, near future, This feature will be enhanced for this market place.

2019-01 Ultimate Small File IO on Lustre

This consulting project was test ultimate small file IO test with High end all NVME , SSD Storage. Also, It depends on storage controller model for create good performance small io and random io performance result. Also, HCI base High performance storage solution mades high throughput with Small IO.

2018-08 PoC EL for Insurance Market

In Insurance Market place, they have windows based HPC infrastructure. ISBC makes good performance with Enterprise Lustre Solution. The Performance Result is 6GB/sec with 12TB size. That is serviced on Public Cloud Provider. In that cases we are integration with windows AD and Enterprise Lustre Product. It is good signal for all of company who is related with new IFRS.

2018-07 Traning Lustre at Intel

This year, We are planned Lustre education , 2018-07-10~11 (2days) , If you have interesting this solution, Please contact ISBC. currently, we are left only 1 slot. (this is 2 days hand on traning). Training location is Intel Yeuido Traning Office. (KT Building – 6F).