Consulting HPC and eVDI for RnD Cloud

Boost up Research Speed
with RnD Cloud

ISBC makes easy To use eVDI and HPC Service on Cloud
It can help One-Stop RnD Business Process
Many References huge size of Enterprise VDI
AWS Certified Standard HPC and eVDI Consulting
Over 10 Years Experience HPC Market Segment

AWS Standard HPC Helps
Below Problem

Too Long time wait to run my job….
Need some days for full simulation iteration time…
Not easy to assign High Priority Job…
Long time for File upload and Download to Remote HPC…
Separated Compute Resource and eVDI(Pre/Post) Workstation…

High Performance Desktop
Streaming Protocol – DCV

Average 25 ~ 60 FPS , Minimize Network Bandwidth
Automatically Video Compress Ratio by Network Latency
Remote Server Adaptive Resolution by client side window
Max 4 Monitor Support , GPU Sharing on Linux
Session Sharing for Co-Working CAE Users

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