AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)

AWS Managed Service
AWS Partner Network – ISBC [Complete FTR]

RnD Cloud on AWS , Full Stack Managed Service
EC2, Storage, ML, CAE, EDA Total Care Service.

eVDI / HPC Consulting

eVDI / HPC Consulting Service

Remote 2D , 3D RnD Cloud Solution. Integration EngineeringVDI Portal.
Pre/Post Workload with OpenGL and DX11 Accel , Job Submit Web Portal.
Support Integration with Slurm Scheduler, Also do not need DRM solution.
Demo [Demo eVDI / Demo HPC]
Case Study [LGE / Volkswagen]

High Performance File System for HPC and AI

Whamcloud Lustre for HPC, AI

High Performance File System Solution.
Support Old and New Storage or Mixed Storage HW.
Also, FSxLustre on AWS via Full Managed Service.

Resource Managed for Hybrid Cloud

Scheduler / Slurm

OpenSource Resource Management Solution.
Migrate to SLURM from other resource management solution.
Support GPU / CPU for Linux HPC, AI
Feature – Included Accounting Function

Real Time GPGPU Resource Monitoring

Grafana Enterprise – GPU Monitor

AI Infra real-time GPU Monitoring Solution

Cloud Security Consulting

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