Author name: isbc

2020-12 Remote 3D@home works

This month, We are consulting for Media industry customer. For High Performance remote Graphics Terminal Solution. That is good network bandwidth usage than other solution. and 60 FPS is very high quality with multi monitor screen. They are start service under VPN with nice network usage.

2020-11 Lustre File System Service

This month, We are consulting Lustre File System with Old version of MPI In-house Stack. Which is best configuration for customer RDMA vs IPoIB. Also, Support QLA2X Driver for Old Storage Direct Attach configuration will test after complete preparing Demo Hardware.

2020-09 Deliver Service for AI

This month we are complete deliver Machine learning env with Opensource scheduler solution. Customer will be use 2 way of ML/DL. Resource management software and Nvidia docker container env. Both of service can be isolate GPGPU resources.

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