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2019-11 Deliver NICE DCV

At this time, Small size NICE DCV User group on Major CAE Industry. They are used DCV2019.1 without GPUs. And CPU power and memory resource quite very high. And used RHEL7 Base Env.

2019-08 Upgrade NICE DCV.

Recently, We are complete NICE DCV 2017. from NICE DCV 2016. also included EnginFrame. and keep support stability service. Also, NICE DCV has released 2019.0 for new version.

2019-02 HPC Cloud Consulting on AWS

We are consulting from front end user session cloud to back end file system and scheduler. AWS storage can be used high performance storage. Also, Remote region can be access high performance remote linux terminal. And HPC orchestration automatically.

2018-10 Deliver Additional DCV Product

We are complete deliver additional DCV license for Major CAE customer. At this time customer asked a lot of feedback for this solution. NICE HQ will enhanced almost customer requested feature. So, In 2019. More good feature and strong performance will be deliver nice user experience in this kinds of market place.