2016-07 Consulting Render Farm

The customer is Digital Idea, at this time they are build high density render farm environment.  Use RHEL/CentOS base Linux. Design and Installation Service support for this project.

2015-10 Small HPC Expansion Service.

Recently, We are deliver small size of HPC project. The AVX2 2.7Ghz Model, and Linpack Performance result is 87.71% of efficiency. This system will be use many kind of analysis solution of CAE industry. After complete this extension, They are complete ready PRE and POST with Computing Power for Analysis.

2015-02 Small HPC Design Service.

This project installed xCAT with Dell + Lenovo Server, This Cluster Admin Toolkit support provisioning OS and Resource management. Also, Use Various parallel command for management HPC.

2014-07 MPI Code Porting on Phi

We are consulting Weather Simulation Code such as WRF. This customer is one of Gov Research. Pervasively, They are used AMD platform, And recently changed Intel Ivy-Bridge Server with XeonPhi Cluster. ISBC is support code porting from AMD to Intel with XeonPhi.

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